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My Wonderful World of Fashion

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Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture, by Jill Gasparina, Glenn O’Brien, Taro Igarashi, Ian Luna, Valerie Steele

In these early years of the twenty-first century, almost all major worldwide luxury homes have been associated with contemporary art through sponsorship, commissions, or foundations, which creeeaza a symbiotic relationship between fashion, art and other disciplines related to design. Of all modern luxury brands, Louis Vuitton is associated most and more varied, with the art world. This volume is structured as an anthology of the most important collaborations with Louis Vuitton’s a group of elite artists, architects, designers and photographers, such as June Aoki, Shigeru Ban, Vanessa Beecroft, Olafur Eliasson, Zaha Hadid, David LaChapelle Jean Larivière, Annie Leibovitz, Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince, Stephen Sprouse, James Turrell, Vinoodh Matadin and Inez van Lamsweerde. Based on critical essays, is examined which occupies the position under the patronage and guidance of Louis Vuitton artistic director Marc Jacobs, during one of the most fertile periods of contemporary art and design.

My Wonderful World of Fashion: A Book for Drawing, Creating and Dreaming, by Nina Chakrabarti

My Wonderful World of Fashion, a wonderful celebration of fashion, is an interactive coloring book for designers of all ages. The book is filled with sophisticated illustrations specially created by fashion illustrator Nina Chakrabarti. Your creativity is stimulated with illustrations in colors and designs that have to finish, and simple ideas. (how to convert a napkin in a veil, as a T-shirt color, and so on). The design strengths of the book is varied and refers to clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry and other accessories, beautiful illustrations and interesting objects of contemporary design. Features “Did you know …?” give short historical notes will encourage you inspired by history and other cultures.

Vogue Fashion: Over 100 years of Style by Decade and Designer, in association with Vogue, by Linda Watson

Comprehensive and richly illustrated, published in association with Vogue magazine, Vogue Fashion is the Bible that defines style fashion accessible to all those interested in present, past or future. This book is a chronicle of the most important designers, developments and movements over a hundred years in fashion, la1920, the New Look of Christian Dior’s, the romance of the 1960s, the punk and New, in styles postmillenium. Are presented Vera Wang, Roberto Cavalli, Luella Bartley, Zac Posen, Roland Mouret and Viktor and RoIf. A to Z section highlights over 250 of the greatest designers of all time – men and women who have inspired, created and changed the course of fashion, with illustrations with many pictures archive.

The Evolution of Fashion [Kindle Edition], by Florence Mary Gardiner

Purchase Kindle edition of The Evolution of Fashion, converted from physical form to digital format by a community of volunteers. You can find free on the web.

The End of Fashion: How Marketing Changed the Clothing Business Forever, by Teri Agins

When “fashion” was defined by French designers whose clothes could be provided only by the elite to încheiat.Acum designers take their clues from the customers table, and creativity is channeled more into marketing of marketing than design. The Wall Street Journal reporter Teri Agins skillfully explores this seminal change, laying all aspects of the fashion industry, manufacturing, retail, licensing mode image, decision, or financing. You can read the pages of this book, about the Donna Karan fighting with financiers, or the rivalry between Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, and more.

The Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman, by Christian Dior

“Much has been written about fashion, in all its aspects, but i do not think any couturier has ever before attempted to compile a dictionary on the subject.”—from the little dictionary of fashion. Christian Dior reveals the secrets of style in this charming handbook that no woman should be without. An indispensable guide that covers everything from what to wear to a wedding and how to tie a scarf to how to walk with grace, The Little Dictionary of Fashion is full of timeless tips. From afternoon frocks and accessories to traveling and tweed, Dior’s expertise ensures every girl will know the three fundamentals of fashion: simplicity, grooming, and good taste. Published for the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Golden Age of Couture exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dior’s “New Look” and illustrated with delightful photographs and drawings, this handbag-sized classic is the perfect gift for style-conscious women.

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