Product Description

MoroccanOil is an ultra-light formula that gives hair shine and a smooth natural look. Moroccanoil has the ability to restore the hair damaged by environmental factors and chemical procedures. Also, refreshes and moisturizes hair wigs and extensions.

eBooks * Healthy Beauty Hair

eBooks - Healthy Hair

The Secrets Your Hairdresser Was Always Hiding: Little Secrets that Create a BIG Difference (Hair, Beauty, Health, Habits Book 1) (English Edition)

Discover The Secrets How Your Hair Can Do Good & Spoil Your Daily Characters! Impressed your friends, love ones and most importantly boosts your day and appearance now! This eBook will show you to the new styles and brand new hair, even to look younger.

eBook - Make Hair Grow Faster

Perfect 10 Product Picks: The Very Best Beauty Products


Secrets of How to Become a Successful Hairstylist (English Edition)

This guide teaches Stylist How To Become Successful by accelerating the growth of their business. It’s a unique niche with literally no competition.


About The Hair Care

DS laboratories Revita LT High-Performance Hair-Stimulating Shampoo 180 ml

Product Description

Revita is one of the most efficient hair growth stimulating shampoo available in the market and is the final result of DS Laboratories efforts on cutting-edge research. Revita is a powerful combination of precious materials specially designed to maintain the vitality and act on the scalp hair in order to obtain the best results in a short period of time.
Revita includes the top level ingredients at high concentrations chosen exclusively for their properties.

Super Jumbo Rollers, von Conair

Heat Waves by Conair Jumbo and Super Jumbo Rollers

For large loops can use the Super Jumbo Rollers of 12 jumbo rollers with heat. It takes just two minutes. This is a modernized version of the roller sets of yesteryear: it’s compact, lightweight, efficient and helps to protect hair against damage from the heat.* Includes 8 Jumbo (1.50) and four Super Jumbo (1.75) Rollers. Technology is used in rapid heating of the rollers and retaining heat during operation.

Ultimate Collection Of Beauty/Skincare eBooks

Ultimate Collection Of Beauty/Skincare eBooks!

Reverse The Ageing Process - Feel Young Once Again!

1. Reverse The Ageing Process – Feel Young Once Again!
Although we can not always remodel an old body, we can take steps to see that we can make the most of every day we stayed. For example:

  • we can adjust your eating habits
  • changing attitudes and extension of life
  • enjoy a healthy sex life
  • learn what tests you should do regularly

Skin Care Magic! How To Have A Glowing And Healthy Skin!

2. Skin Care Magic! How To Have A Glowing And Healthy Skin!
Here is some information contained in this guide:

  • how and why skin ages
  • know your own skin type
  • oily skin treatment
  • dry skin treatment
  • how to protect your skin
  • sun and your skin
  • skin and wrinkle creams
  • vitamin C skin care

150 Beauty Secrets Unraveled

3. 150 Beauty Secrets Unraveled!
Here’s what you learn from this book:

  • know about the newest treatment in skin therapy, laser resurfacing
  • use yogurt secret which probably have not heard
  • what to eat to block the growth of bacteria in your mouth and prevent cavities
  • what can you eat to stop cramps
  • how to exfoliate dead skin cells
  • how to feel beautiful even when you’re pregnant

 Say Good-Bye To Acne - Forever

4. Say Good-Bye To Acne – Forever!
Reading this book you will learn:

  • truth about acne
  • how to decide what treatment is best for you
  • how to prevent acne before becoming a problem
  • how to help your child to go through acne problems

Say Good-Bye To Bad Breath - Forever

5. Say Good-Bye To Bad Breath – Forever!
This guide offers first-hand information you need to find out if you have bad breath. Then, give you advice on skills to get rid of it.

  • discover what causes bad breath
  • why mouthwash may worsen this situation
  • bad breath is dangerous for your health
  • you need to know about piercing
  • how eating disorders affect bad breath
  • as you can clean breath with a single element

6. Dental Care Secrets Revealed!
Here are just some of the things you learn in this guide:

  • learn the latest innovations in dental health
  • discover what you need to know about piercing
  • right way to choose a dentist
  • pregnancy and teeth
  • how to have a beautiful smile
  • dental health care.

E-Books * Beauty Tips

eBook * Beauty Tips

1001 Forever Beauty Tips
Let Your Body, Mind & Spirit Shine With Magnetic Personality!

“You’re About To Learn ‘1001 Natural Beauty Tips’ That Most Women Will Never Really Know In Their Entire Life!”
1001 Beauty Tips is a complete resource on natural beauty tips including homemade beauty treatments from head to toe make-over – starting the journey on the path to your inner beauty.

Geisha Spa – Asian Beauty Secrets Revealed

Asian beauty secrets to looking younger are revealed in our guide. This is why the beauty experts at Geisha Spa have been working hard at finding out exactly what it is that gives Asian women their everlasting youth.

Silk Therapy Conditioner

Product Description
Biosilk Silk Therapy serum keeps hair color safe and is ideal for all hair types. Treatment transform hair into a sleek and shiny hair. Can be used wet or dry hair or directly on the scalp.

Hair Care Products

Agadir Argan Oil Treatment

Agadir Argan Oil Treatment, 4-Ounce,
by Agadir

Product Description

Contains 100% pure and certification Argan oil. Repairs, softens and strengthens dry hair, brittle, curly hair, overworked. Not fat and not produce a feeling of heaviness and flattening. Reduce drying time (40-50%). Feed and eliminates dry scalp. Encourages growth of healthy hair.


It’s a 10

It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask 235 ml or 8 oz. (Haarmaske)

Fix your hair dry, damaged, adding shine It’s a miracle 10. Protects hair color, prevents split ends and breakage, leading to increasing frequency creates its silkiness and also protects hair from heat!

Trends in Makeup (III)

Makeup Makeovers: Weddings – Stunning Looks for the Entire Bridal Party by Robert Jones (2006)

This book is for all the brides and fans of  Makeup Makeovers who want more specific advice. It is a comprehensive guide developed by a well-known makeup artist. This amazing book is a full-color guide to wedding makeup. It is very instructive, not only addresses the perfect women. Every woman can be beautiful on her wedding day, regardless of her age or ethnicity, using techniques Robert’s makeup. Makeup Makeovers shows special makeup techniques for morning, noon, afternoon and evening wedding, because in each photo of the day will be different and we all know that one of the most important things is to think about how to be shot. There are also chapters on makeup tricks, more wedding photos, and of course makeup for bridesmaids and matrons of honor.

Beautiful Eyes: The Ultimate Eye Makeup Guide

From casual everyday makeup to the options for glamorous evenings, a complete guide illustrated by Rae Morris – makeup artist, accompanied by tips and tricks for building facial appearance of every woman, the most crucial thing. If the eyes are large, small, round or almond shaped, making them look beautiful is key makeup successful. Color charts for every eye color be offered as useful information about the makeup eyelashes and eyebrows. This is a superb guide book should not miss the rack or on a woman’s dressing table.

Sephora: The Ultimate Guide to Makeup, Skin, and Hair from the Beauty Authority

Fashion and beauty journalist and former beauty editor Schweiger  Melissa personally introduce some of your favorite brands combining  gorgeous in this book to know the secrets of their beauty. Each photo is accompanied with tips and expert advice from the creators. Classic beauty brands sold at Sephora, including LORAC, Smashbox, Dr. Perricone, Frédéric Fekkai, and many others. Sephora is the complete package of beauty that every woman wants him.

About Face

It is a compendium of everything that make-up artist Scott Barnes has taught during his career working with A-list celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. Photos accompany you step-by-step makeup techniques and products. Part Two reveals the ritual of  beauty items makeup.